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Moving Towards Respect

About Us

Nada Counselling, Consulting and Training was established in 1994 by Rob Hall, Alison Newton, Penny Roughan, Maxine Joy and Alan Jenkins with a view to combining their expertise in working in the areas of trauma, violence, abuse and workplace harassment.

This practice extended to offer professional consulting rooms at the Nada building. A number of professional consultants practice from Nada Consulting. These have included medical, allied health, mental health, mediation, family, community and legal services professionals over the years.

Nada Counselling, through the work of Alison Newton, Alan Jenkins and Rob Hall, continues to specialise in addressing the effects of trauma and ethical intervention to prevent violence and abusive behaviour. They also provide training, professional supervision and consultancy to government, community and other agencies regarding ethical therapeutic interventions.

Nada Consulting also offers training room rental to professional groups and individuals. You are welcome to contact the office should you have any enquiries regarding training room rental.